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MDBC offers team training and player development in an extensive off-season program.  We study the facets of:

Hitting- We do not just teach a swing.  We teach players how to hit. Contact, approach, power, and mindset all go     into our methods.

Throwing- We emphasize accuracy, footwork, quickness, and power.  

Defense- Player’s position work will break down glove-work, footwork, IQ, and aggressiveness.

Team defense- Teams will be taught proper cut-offs, how to relay, proper bunt defense, among many other communication and situational ball.

Speed development/Base-running- Proper leadoffs, first step, rounding bags, and situational base-running go along with our extensive speed program.

Each movement is broken down and built back up to help develop the most efficient player possible.Video demonstration and video breakdown on each player is utilized to create a visual aid in our development.We chart each player’s metrics through the off-season to create tangible data of the program.Please see below to contact an MDBC administrator to go over pricing and format of the off-season program.

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Are you a highly motivated player interested in joining the Metro Detroit Basebal club.  Please fill out your contact info so that a representative can get back to you.

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