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About Us

The Metro Detroit Baseball Club is a premier baseball development program in Michigan for college bound ballplayers.  Founded in 2010, the Club offers players the opportunity to develop their skills in a high-performance environment. With skilled year-round training and development, our players are equipped to perform at their highest level.

The MDBC staff is fully committed to give their athletes the tools in order to be a successful player over a long period of time and support them fully through the recruiting process.

The year-round training includes a breakdown of each facet of the game from a fundamental and gameplay standpoint.  Players will be well versed in the biomechanics of hitting, throwing, running, and fielding in order to keep them as high percentage a player as possible while promoting the increased metrics of bat speed, exit velocity, throwing velocity, and the 60 yard dash.  The MDBC staff implements game situations and leadership into our athletes through game simulations and repetitions.


Tim McEvoy,

Director of Player Development

Co-founder of MDBC Tim is one of the top player development coaches in Michigan.  Tim has a vast knowledge of each facet of the game and continually commits himself to staying up to date with new methods and techniques to put together programs for individuals and teams to achieve max performance.  Tim has worked with beginners all the way up to high level college and professional athletes.  Tim serves as a Field Director for the Detroit Tigers Camps.

Matt Williams,

Director of Baseball Opporations

Co-founder of MDBC Matt is an experienced college and high school coach in the metro Detroit area.  Matt has coached infielders at Wayne State and currently is the co-head coach at Henry Ford College.  Matt has worked with numerous top high school programs and travel teams in the area.  Matt also works extensively in the city of Detroit building up little leagues and player development programs for kids in the city.  Matt serves as a Field Director for the Detroit Tigers Camps.

Matthew Makie

Site Director

Matt is a Metro Detroit Baseball Club alumni and former college baseball player, he is very well versed in the “MDBC Way”.  Matt caries a lot of passion for the sport and is a sponge when receiving information and applying it to training and coaching.  He brings a lot of energy and enthusiasm to his practices and training sessions.  Makie now coaches the Elite Prospects Sting 17u and is a Station Leader for the Detroit Tigers Camps.  


Chris Bailey

Field Manager

Chris is the current head coach at Ferndale High School and carries and immense amount of knowledge of the game of baseball.  Chris was drafted out of high school by the Pittsburgh Pirates and spent 7 years in the organization.  He got into coaching and training right after his playing career and has seen a lot of his players go on to play college baseball.  Chris is a top pitching coach and has done a tremendous job with MDBC players keeping them healthy while adding to their arsenal.  Chris also serves as a Station Leader for the Detroit Tigers Camps.

Ryan Lentz

Media Relations

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